Blue Opaline

Blue Opaline is a seriously committed rock band who are creating a buzz that is life style. Taking the best of the old and the vibe of the new and slamming it together with a unique fashion sense and just the freedom to be kids that want to rock. They each bring their own unique style of music to the band and are not afraid to experiment with mixing it all together. Young and determined, they want to be heard through the music they make. The focus is on writing songs first, fully developed ideas with real structure, real stories with fun choruses and hooks.

The sound is centered around power house vocals from Ariyena Sorani, deep grooves from lead guitarist Wyatt Garvin, funky rhythmic beats from  drummer Thomas Carli and soulful bassist William Kilbride. They all met through music rock camps or arts high schools. They are friends first and this is core for building trust, having fun and most importantly encouraging each other to stay focused on making music that matters. 

Blue Opaline can be seen playing in festivals and filling in crowds at various venues. Their set includes original music with a few fun covers. Their anticipated first EP release is scheduled for July 2019.